losing and finding your passion.

Octave-Find your passion-Notes in B Minor

What is one thing that you can do for the rest of your life and how will you get there?

What can be the most simplest question, is the most difficult question. Some of us can spend their whole day in search of inspiration and looking for our passion when it’s literally right in front of us. So why is this question such a Goliath for some of us? 

Finding that passion can be hard when you're good and love doing many other things. For me, music has always been the center of where I invest my time. My passion  for music began in the 4th grade when I picked up violin. I played all throughout school, in college, and even now. Sometimes, it feels like I’m lost because I get involved in so many other things that may be unrelated to my passion. But no matter how many projects I have my hands on or how many people I help, I have to stay connected and pursue that initial passion which is music.

In 2016, I hit a point where I lost all passion and motivation to do the things that I love to do. There was no passion for music, no passion for building my freelance business, networking, or anything. I was unemployed and stuck in a cycle of applying for job after job, going in for interview after interview, only to receive emails that read "Unfortunately..." I also went back and forth between starting my own business, pushing for freelance work, trying to pursue music, applying for jobs, getting involved at other events and functions, all on top of trying to be the best man I can be for my lady.

Side-note: Life after college sucks. But it gets better.

I didn't fully understand why I didn't have the motivation to do what I do now but it wasn't until the end of the year where I had to put everything into perspective of all that I went through. I realized that I needed to go through this so that I can share my story with others who may be going through the same struggles to encourage them. I arrived to the point where I realized that no one is going to open the door for me - I had to open the door myself and create my own lane for the change that I know I can bring to the world and the community around me. There was also this problem I had where I benchmarked my success off of others around me and created this sense of competition with them. This is what I learned about that: there is no one else I should be in competition with than myself. We're all on different paths, we all have different missions and different talents. If we were all doing the same thing, then what would be the point of doing it at all?

I'll leave you with this: you can get involved in so many things, but if your heart is not in it, if your passion is not connected to what you're doing, and if you're not confident in yourself, you'll be running around in circles until you hit the wall. No matter how stressful and how heavy life will get, keep pressing through. Believe in yourself and have confidence. Don't let others around you strip you away from what makes you happy and discourage you from your goals. Continue on your path to prosper.

Whatever your passion is, please please please don’t lose sight of it. Your passion will keep you sane through the everyday struggles in life and it makes you appreciate the little things. The way 2017 is shaping up to be, we're going to need to hold those passions and things that make us happy really close. 

What is one thing in your life that puts everything into perspective in your life? It can be anything that you simple enjoy doing to places that you love to go to. Share your thoughts with us on social media!