Do These 5 Things RIGHT NOW for Your Brand!

Below are 5 things that you can do, at this very very moment, to increase visibility and ensure your brand communicates a unified message across all online platforms! 


1. Make sure your photo and name are the same across all of your channels

Doing this will make it easier for your audience to find you. When they stumble across your Twitter page, “Cheese + Wallets,” (Don’t name your brand Cheese + Wallets, unless it’s appropriate…lol), and they LOVE Cheese + Wallets, then they’re going to want to search for you on other channels. When they find you on another channel, having a consistent profile image, and username handle, will make it easier for your audience to identify you and connect with you. Having different images on each profile could cause confusion.

2. Set goals for each channel

Setting goals for each channel helps you to become more cognizant on how you utilize them and to be more efficient. For example, let’s say your value proposition is to provide fashion and lifestyle tips to creative millennials. Dope! Now, each social platform is different. If your goal is to drive traffic through fashion-centric photography content, you may want to focus on building a following on Pinterest and Instagram. If you’re seeking to provide creative insight for entrepreneurs, you may focus on connecting with users on Twitter who are building brands and engaging in Twitter chats.  Nevertheless, each platform is different. Based on their functionality, use them to leverage your goals. Need help setting your goals and strategy? Then you should check out my free guide that will help you build your social media strategy and set goals for each platform that you have.

3. Place links to your site in your bios

Always always always link back to your website. If you don’t have a link on your profile, you’re making it harder for your audience to find your website and, therefore, are losing potential conversions. If you don't have a website yet, but you plan on making one, then this article on why I chose Squarespace over WordPress will be useful to you!

4. Make sure your bio is the same on all channels

 There are new and untapped audiences on each platform just waiting to find out who you are. Once they do, they expect to know exactly who you are and what you do. Your bio should be consistent across all of your channels. Your followers on Twitter may or may not be the same followers on Facebook or Pinterest. Make it easier for your new users to reach and resonate with you!

5. Engage in conversations everyday

 Your messages should be inclusive to what your audience is talking about on each platform. Use Instagram to share photos, videos, and live videos of your projects. Use Twitter to promote it with specific hashtags. Add your content to your Pinterest boards. Go live on Facebook. Join your audience's conversation! DM people! Do whatever it takes to achieve your social media goals and build your brand.

Don't wait! Do this....

From Giphy

From Giphy


Did I miss anything? Share some of your ideas below! I’ll work to make an extended version of this list with your thoughts considered (and of course, I’ll credit you)!