Why I Switched from WordPress to Squarespace

If you’re reading this, then you’re either in the process of building a site, thinking about building a site, or just finished building a site and wondering if you made the right decision. I remember reading a blog on topics like this and would think “Oh sh*t! I should’ve went with this software or this program.” 

Nevertheless, I’ve been on both Squarespace and WordPress, twice, and it wasn’t until November 2016 I realized that Squarespace was the right move for my site! Although WordPress is very powerful and works really well, the simplicity of Squarespace’s user interface is what I really enjoyed. Including that tidbit, here are a list of reasons why I made the switch and have not looked back.

Simpler, Cleaner User Interface

This is the first and the most crucial reason why I made the switch. Just as I mentioned, I love how easy it is to edit my site when I need to make a quick change on the fly. WordPress isn’t that easy to make quick fixes or upload new content. It requires the user to navigate to those pages and go to a content manager where you can edit image files.

It Does What I Need It To Do

I can’t stress this enough. Don’t get something just because it has all the bells and whistles. You may not use all of the bells! For me, I needed the essentials. I didn’t want an overly complicated process to set up a website with all of these features and plugins I wasn't going to use. Squarespace had the absolute essentials: really dope templates, clean and professional design, an easy way to create blogs and editorial content, and the right amount of settings to customize to my liking. 

No Stupid Errors When You Upload Content

The absolute most frustrating thing I ran across from time to time on WordPress are ridiculous errors that make no sense. Some include an “HTTP Error” that occurred when uploading images, weird warning blocks on the header and the footer that contained some very ugly lines of code on my site, and other problems that required me to use an FTP client such as FileZilla to go into the back-end of my site through mountains of code and jargon that were way over my head. Again, I did not have time for that!


Free Templates

The heading should tell it all. WordPress has some great free themes. However, most of the very sophisticated, creative and minimal themes are paid themes that you can buy from sites like Themeforest or Elegant Themes ranging anywhere from $30-$60. Squarespace, however, has a growing collection of free themes to suit the needs for all site-development purposes.


Alright, here’s the part you’re ready for! When it came down to it, WordPress was actually cheaper! I got my site hosted through GoDaddy which was $9.99/month with an additional $5.00/month for G Suite for a professional email. Those details can be found here! I’m currently paying $16/month for Squarespace with an additional $5/month for G Suite OR $144/year which includes the web domain AND G Suite. I’m definitely down with paying a little more because I know Squarespace provides me with a clean, user friendly site that will cut my editing time down in half. 

Well, these are some of my biggest reasons on why I made the switch! Still have questions? Ask me below! 

Brandon McCadneyComment