The "Good Content" Effect.

J. Cole just released his latest album “4 Your Eyez Only” on Spotify, Apple Music, and many other platforms. The night it released Apple Music’s bandwidth  was flooded with massive amounts of streams for this one project. J. Cole is a prime example and case study of what it means to create good content and naturally have people flood to your product.


We call this the “Good Content Effect.” As creators, marketers, artists, and brands, we want to create what we call all “good content.” That can come in so many forms such as good music, engaging editorial with hilarious GIFs, or an article explaining a new interesting product that interests your audience to buy into. Nevertheless, we all strive to create “good content,” that is, content that does exactly what we created it for.


As we enter 2017, we enter an age of content saturation. We will not be able to keep up with it all and it will be even harder to get our voices heard. We’re also in an age of young adult entrepreneurs (like myself) who are hungry for success within their talents. With so many entrepreneurs and brands, how can our content be heard? How in the world can you stand out anymore?




The key to ensuring that your content is “good” and not lost in the sauce, you must must MUST understand your audience like never before. If you’re going to invest your time and money for your brand into social media, it’s inevitable that you know who specifically who you are communicating with so that you are seeing results. Your audience shouldn’t exist within a broad medium anymore, but should be pinpointed to those who your mission and the efforts of your brand directly applies to. 


The purpose behind Octave is to provide social media marketing and photography resources for small businesses and creatives. At a first glance at this, it sounds broad, but these individuals and entities do not have large profits yet, they’re just starting out, and they’re trying to generate brand awareness and conversion through social.

One thing that I must make sure of (and I slip up sometimes...I'm human, still working on it, don't judge me! lol) is that the content I create MUST, MUST, MUST align with the interests and characteristics of my customer segments.

My audience demands help scaling their content. If I don't provide just that or bridge that gap for them, then there's no point of my content.

This year, create really good work. You have a mission, you have the product, you have the skills, and the knowledge, now break through this saturated digital space. 


What’s the message that you’re sharing in 2017? Share your thoughts!