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Glory be to God.

So just for a moment, we're going to get rid of the third-person dialogue so I can be as transparent with you as possible! I'm Brandon McCadney and I'm the founder, lead social media strategist, and lead creative at Octave. My goal with Octave began as a pure passion to utilize my gifts, knowledge, education, and skills to support and be a resource for people with brands, start-ups, and organizations just like you and I. 


My background.

I have attained a bachelor of science degree in public relations with a minor in music at Southeast Missouri State University. I have been deeply immersed within the digital & social media marketing landscape and have worked with start-ups, non-profit organizations, and brick-and-mortars to meet and surpass their marketing goals. This required me to gain a solid understanding of social analytics, content curation and targeting specific audiences, and produce content that would not only generate leads but move them toward conversion. In order to achieve these results, it was imperative to remain tactful to audiences, stay connected to what they're connected to, write well, and know my client. Aside from the digital work, I'm a classically-trained violinist and a beat maker by night. Check out some of my work

Why did I start Octave?

I simply want to be a resource and support people that have visions just like me. Plain and simple. With the knowledge and education my previous experiences have taught me, I believe in not just my ability to perform well, but in everyone who has a vision that's bigger than themselves and wants to make it happen. Octave isn't about me, it's all about you! This is all because of God's grace that I'm able to do any of this. 


So who am I, really?

I'm someone who used to do every single thing I can possibly could, be everywhere at once, and say yes to everything without real attention to what I need to focus on. Saying yes to something is the easy part. The hard part is "How in the world can I do this when I have 5 other projects and a show to prepare for???" 

Before Octave, I started two businesses. In 2012, I started Hearts & Beats which was an organization with me and six others that provided a platform to showcase raw musical, creative, and entrepreneurial talent through performances, networking events, and even a festival. Unfortunately, our time came to an end in 2015 as everyone, fortunately however, began pursuing their own creative passions and endeavors. At the time, I was going back and forth between jobs and internships and found myself leaving a dope dope dope start-up and starting a freelance venture called b&m ORIGINALS early 2016 where I wanted to do absolutely EVERYTHING like graphic design, photography, social media marketing, animation, web design, consulting, music production, you name it!!!

Anyone who looked at my businesses may have either thought A: Whoa, this guy must have a whole team with him or B: this dude crazy!

I was crazy y'all.

I eventually got burnt out and stuck in a rut where I was getting little or no clients, running super low on money, and had sold most of my clothes to Plato's Closet for gas money. I had no inspiration to create music, no drive to pursue my brand, and I let everything fall to the wayside. That's when I started applying for a whole bunch of jobs with no interviews.

But it took me about 210 job applications, about 10 side projects, until the end of 2016, and several trips to Plato's Closet later that I could do this work myself and get it on my own! There's no point of using all of this time and energy into waking up each day filling out jobs applications when I have the job right here with the same skills I'm telling these companies about in my cover letter. I realized I had to get it on my own because no one was going to hand it to me.

Thus, Octave was born.

The difference between Octave and b&m ORIGINALS is that I learned many things between the two. I've fasted, I've prayed, and I've asked God fervently to guide me toward the direction He has made for me before he formed the earth. He showed me that there are many options and routes, but He is a straight and narrow path. What that meant for me was to tailor my goals and aspirations toward the gifts that He has given me and using them for others. Octave is the manifestation of me providing my talents, knowledge and education back to people that I know who need it the most.

My goal is to scale Octave to be ready for my next long-term goals.