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I'm Brandon and I help creatives and small businesses craft their social media marketing strategy and capture their stories through lifestyle photography.

My process begins with determining your key performance metrics. These metrics are how we will determine our social media strategy aligns with your value proposition and your overall business goals. From there, we will determine your goals for each social media platform. This will position us for next steps in content development and execution of your initial content and strategy. We'll conduct a social media assessment to determine the current performance of your channels, followed by execution. This process includes a bi-weekly assessment of your analytics, content optimization, and I'll keep you on track of the number of conversions, downloads, click throughs, or whatever your key performance indicators are!

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My visuals.

If there's anything I love doing, it's captivating the faces behind the brands and their messages. Below, you'll find a few of my most recent visual story-telling projects. I have had the privilege to work with brands like Shades of Chelsea, The OASIS Institute, and the Blvck Pilgrim.

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